Video: ‘A Walking Song’ from Tolkein

I recently came across the video below, produced by the immensely talented Shadowcat. It is a musical arrangement of part of the Poem, “A Walking Song” from Tolkein’s Fellowship of the Ring.


RPG Music: if you haven’t seen this post at Stuffed Crocodile, check it out

Just a quick aside this morning. I happened across this posting about background music for RPGs over at Stuffed Crocodile, which describes a very broad selection of useful titles, many of which can be obtained free or perhaps checked out from a local library. The links to free content are especially useful.

Need free streaming music for D&D? Check Radio Rivendell

While not all Dungeons & Dragons groups make use of music to enhance gaming atmosphere, those that do may not have heard of an outstanding free resource: Radio Rivendell.

Essentially, the site provides free, 24-hour streaming audio with a Medieval fantasy bend. Site visitors can simply click and listen in a variety of formats ranging from simple Web players to more specific applications like Spotify or Last FM.

The site also boasts free music downloads, inteviews with well-known fantasy music artists, and – after visitors complete a free registration – a friendly, very active discussion forum spanning a variety of fantasy RPG topics from discussion of the games themselves to the music, films, computer games and general topics that gamers tend to interest gamers.

To help gain a better understanding of what the site offers, how it developed to its current status and where its future may go, Radio Rivendell’s Webmaster, appropriately called Lord Elrond, graciously consented to an interview with the RPG Athenaeum. A transcription of the conversation follows.

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