Looking for a change of pace in your D&D game? Switch sides!

The “Reverse Dungeon” module was a breath of fresh air for the writer’s game 10 years ago. Adventures like it can do the same for your game today.

In this writer’s estimation, one of the high points of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons history was the publication of Reverse Dungeon module in 2000. As the title implied, the module reversed the roles of players and Dungeon Master (DM). The players assumed the roles of monsters living in a vast, subterranean complex; the DM assumed the role of invading heroes in three scenarios, each taking place at levels below, andĀ against monsters more powerful, than the last.

Players were provided with complete maps of the complex, combat statistics for their monstrous “heroes,” a list of tools, weapons and material resources, along with some guidelines for how long certain tasks (such as weaponmaking, trap-settingĀ or excavation) would take. That last consideration became important, because after the players were given this information, they were given a limited amount of real time to decide how they would modify their defenses within a longer, but still very limited, amount of game time.

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