Product Review: Warlord, Second Edition

Gentle Reader: in the interest of transparency and objectivity, and in compliance with Federal Trade Commission regulations effective Dec. 1, it is important to note that this writer teaches miniature painting classes at a local game store as part of Reaper Miniatures’ Black Lightning Team. That being said, it is equally important to note that Reaper Miniatures did not request this review, and that this writer was in no way compensated for producing it. Special thanks are due to Reaper Rules Design Team Member Vince Hendricks for making himself available to answer questions about the product.

The second edition of Reaper Miniatures’ Warlord tabletop skirmish game was released July 27, 2009. It sold through its first print run within a month, and a quick perusal of the product shows why.

The book is 144 pages long with a perfect binding and soft cover. The cover is full-color and glossy, and all interior pages are black and white; graphically, these pages contain a mix of line art, continuous tone art and photos of miniatures illustrating how rules are applied, accompanied by well-written and edited text.

A reader shouldn’t be intimidated by the size of the volume. Of the 144 pages, a mere 34 pages contain actual rules of play. Another 87 pages are devoted to depicting and explaining combat data cards for more than 400 individual units, and the remaining pages describe the World of Taltos (where Warlord battles take place) and the relationships between the 10 warring factions that dwell there. Continue reading