DM skills need sharpening? Do some cross-training

Toon from Steve Jackson Games is a great "cross-training" game for developing improvisational dungeon mastering skills.

While it may not seem so at a glance, there is something a world-class athlete and the average dungeon master (DM) have in common: both can benefit from cross-training.

Every method of physical training provides benefits and enables shortcomings. For example, running offers superior cardiac benefits, but isn’t so useful for building muscle mass; weight training can build muscle mass, but isn’t the best way to increase cardio-vascular fitness. Many athletes therefore make use of mutliple training methods to improve their overall performance.

A dungeon master can do the very same thing by refereeing different role-playing games (RPGs), particularly those which emphasize that DM’s under-developed skills for running an RPG, in order to improve his or her overall performance. Continue reading