Medieval Professions II: more NPCs you won’t find in published D&D adventures

This recent post on the RPG Athenaeum suggested that, while it isn’t necessary to conduct extensive research into Medieval daily life to create an exciting Dungeons & Dragons game, bringing real-world history and anthropology to the game can bring a level of “background realism” that players will appreciate. To that end, that post outlined three important Medieval occupations which never seem to appear in the pages of published D&D modules: the messenger, gravedigger and rat catcher.

A few site visitors suggested that expanding this topic may be helpful for dungeon masters (DMs) who want to color their settlements with a bit of historical realism or have the opportunity to role-play an unusual non-player character (NPC) with an interesting occupation.

Thus, a second installment of what has become a series on Medieval professions follows, with attention being devoted to the chandler, crier, and dragoman. Continue reading