Five things a D&D group can learn from a corporate board meeting

There are plenty of things I really enjoy about my day job as a senior manager at a publishing company. One thing I don’t like so much is the mandatory, weekly operating committee meeting, at which our company’s department heads provide lengthy reports to the chief executive and chief operating officers.

During a slow period of last week’s meeting, I browsed over some of the agenda items and came to the conclusion that thinking through some of the concepts described there may provide a benefit to a group of D&D players, with regard to how their characters operate and succeed in the game world. Of course, this is purely a metagame exercise; characters obviously wouldn’t discuss their life circumstances in these terms. Players, however, may find some benefit in viewing their heroes through the lens about to be presented, both for in-game circumstances like recruiting allies or amassing enough treasure to finance a project, and for external considerations, like whether or not a given feat is giving optimal in-game results. Continue reading