Cooperate with the bad guys? Sometimes, it’s the only way



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The enemy of my enemy is my friend. -Arabic Proverb

The vast majority of Dungeons & Dragons adventures involve the forces of good, represented by the heroes, striking against or foiling the plans of the forces of evil, represented by the villains and monsters selected by the dungeon master (DM). It is logical to assume that this pattern is common because it helps lead to a quality game – players like to see villains get what they deserve, and love to give villains what they deserve – but like any pattern, DMs can gain as much from breaking it as they can from following it.

One way to break the pattern involves introducing a new evil into the campaign, an evil powerful enough to scare the villains the heroes have faced thus far in the campaign, and an evil so powerful that the heroes must actually join forces with their erstwhile foes if this new, great evil is to be defeated. Continue reading