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As mentioned on the page containing this blog’s mission statement, the intent of this blog is to be useful, and forcing readers to sift through posts to find what they seek isn’t useful. By viewing the list below, readers can see the titles of every post on this blog, divided by category. The categories are listed in alphabetical order, and the titles are listed in reverse chronological order (the most recently-posted entries are at the top of the list).

About This Site

About RPG Athenaeum

Characters – Heroes

Using the Aboriginal Dreamtime as inspiration for Primal 4e characters

Flesh out your hero with an anecdote or two

Basic Character Knowledge Sheets help players connect with D&D settings

Need some inspiration for a unique 4e character?

Get into the action quicker: use interconnected character histories

Characters – Neutrals

Should ‘townsfolk’ be synonymous with ‘weak’ in D&D?

Seven deadly sins that turn neutrals into foes

Characters – Villains

D&D Villain concept: the ‘good’ heretic

Five tips for villainous resource management

Surprise your players with a ‘dumb’ villain

Cooperate with the bad guys? Sometimes, it’s the only way

Fatal flaws that make unconquerable foes conquerable

Legal villainy

Quandary-Based Villain Creation

Every villain needs a paycheck

Why D&D villains are paranoid

Combat Tactics

Villains can learn a lot from Murphy’s Combat Laws

Let Slip the Dogs of War, Part III

Let Slip the Dogs of War, Part II

Let Slip the Dogs of War, Part I

Sharpen player combat tactics with a session debriefing

Heroes having too easy a time?

Using the five-paragraph order to guide monster tactics

DM Techniques – Adventure Design

When historical accuracy makes for better fantasy

Describing zombies: a dungeon master’s reference

Applying 4e mechanics to 1e adventure design: skill challenges

On ‘What to do with the orc children’ 

Reverse Engineering: using 4e adventure design techniques to create a 1e scenario

Tips for writing romance adventures – just in time for Valentine’s Day

Write a gripping mystery adventure in four steps

Looking for a change of pace in your D&D game? Switch sides!

Using battlefields as adventure sites

Using PC investments as adventure seeds

This time, it’s personal: tips for making villains worthy of player grudges

Grab players’ attention with flashbacks, foreshadowing and dreams, Part II

Grab players’ attention with flashbacks, foreshadowing and dreams, Part I

Medieval Professions V: More NPCs You Won’t Find in Published Adventures

Medieval Professions IV: More NPCs You Won’t Find in Published Adventures

Medieval Professions III: More NPCs You Won’t Find In Published Adventures

Medieval Professions II: more NPCs you won’t find in published D&D adventures

Three Medieval professions that don’t appear in D&D adventures

The conflict-first approach to adventure design

How to write a Gothic Horror D&D Adventure

The great escape: designing scenarios for imprisoned characters

Serve up your D&D with a side dish of red herring

Need an adventure hook? Try class-based conflicts

Eight variations on the standard pit trap

A little help from your (DM) friends: is ‘crowdsourcing’ adventure plots possible?

Need a jump-start on adventure writing? Start with a legend

Tantalize your players with a well-crafted prophecy

Four tips for writing effective D&D read-aloud text

DM Techniques -Campaign Design

Creating a children’s RPG campaign, Part II

Creating a children’s RPG campaign, Part I

1e Campaign Flashback: adventuring as ‘commoners’

Do old-school strongholds have a place in a 4e game?

Bring a little 1e lethality – and some background- to your new 4e character

Converting a D&D economy to the silver standard

Using symbolism in D&D campaign design, Part III

Using symbolism in D&D campaign design, Part II

Using symbolism in D&D campaign design, Part I

World Building Week, Part V:Involving the Heroes and Tracking Growth

D&D World Building Week, Part IV: Culture

D&D World Building Week, Part III: History

D&D World Building Week, Part II: Cartography and Conflicts

D&D World Building Week, Part I: Concepts

Chivalry doesn’t have to be dead – use knightly orders in your game

Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 9: Levels 25 to 27

Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 8: Levels 22 to 24

Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 7: Levels 19 to 21

Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 6: Levels 16 to 18

Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 5: Levels 13 to 15

Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 4: Levels 10 to 12

Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 3: Levels 7 to 9

Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 2: Levels 4 to 6

Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 1: Levels 1 to 3

Level up your creativity with an ‘imaginary bank account’

Five ways to recycle an old D&D campaign

Raise your game’s stakes with a rival party

Heroes lacking direction? Release a ‘Campaign’s Most Wanted’ list

How do campaign governments deal with adventurers?

Using holidays to flavor your D&D campaign

When the good guys don’t get along

Add some variety with a mini-series

Using ‘fantasy flora’ to make your campaign unique

Deconstructing the D&D game (the tale of the ‘No Dandelion Eaters’ campaign)

DM Techniques – Crime Scene Sunday

Crime Scene Sunday: Street Crime

Crime Scene Sunday: Genocide

Crime Scene Sunday: Treason

Crime Scene Sunday: Slavery

Crime Scene Sunday: Identity Theft

Crime Scene Sunday: Racketeering

Crime Scene Sunday: Sabotage

Crime Scene Sunday: Fraud

Crime Scene Sunday: Sacrilege

Crime Scene Sunday: Robbery

Crime Scene Sunday: Smuggling

Crime Scene Sunday: Hostage Taking

Crime Scene Sunday: Conspiracy

Crime Scene Sunday: Murder

Crime Scene Sunday: Arson

Crime Scene Sunday: the Confidence Game

Crime Scene Sunday: Poisoning

Crime Scene Sunday: Impersonation

Crime Scene Sunday: Embezzlement

Crime Scene Sunday: Defamation

Crime Scene Sunday: Forgery

DM Techniques – Dungeon Mastering Skills

Interrogating prisoners in a D&D Game

Stop procrastinating and get those D&D projects done

DM skills need sharpening? Do some cross-training

Heroes split up in town? Try ‘Jamming’

Session time is precious: here’s how not to waste it

DM Techniques – Gaming Aids

100 Book titles for a castle library

100 Descriptors for nondescript NPCs

100 Motives for the commoner on the street

100 Subjects for tavern chatter

One hundred ‘street scenes’ for Medieval settlements

New 4e magic item: the Helm of Ostrich Vision

Seven sources for fantasy names

DM Techniques – Plot Design

A nigh – inexhaustible, role-playing plot resource

‘X’ Marks the spot

DM Techniques – Setting Design

Keeping civil order in D&D – without heroes or magic

You gragdok! The evolution of setting-based swear words in RPGs

More fantasy inspiration from real sites

Drawing fantasy inspiration from real sites

Campaign cultures and equipment: more than dwarven axes and elvish bows

Spice up the common tongue with campaign slang

Party like it’s 1099: an overview of Medieval entertainments

Lost in translation

‘Mystery meat’ again? Try these 20 authentic Medieval dishes instead

Use local and regional customs to create a ‘sense of place’

Four concepts for ‘magical’ RPG businesses

Consider force multipliers when designing monster lairs

Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

Creating a dungeon ‘ecosystem’

DM Techniques – Working with Players

How players can help streamline the D&D play experience

Balancing a 4e D&D adventuring party

Managing Player Expectations for a D&D Game

Game Table Dynamics

Ten things NOT to do around female gamers

Is a social contract right for your D&D group?

Keeping a ‘Quote Sheet’ to chronicle in-game jokes

On social responsibility between players


Legal Disclaimer

Miniatures and Terrain

Own any D&D minis? Now might be a good time to review their value

Miniature terrain: photo tutorial for three-hour forests, part I

Miniature terrain: photo tutorial for three-hour forests, part II

Miniature Gallery Page Added

Nine tips for leveling-up your miniature painting skills

Need miniatures for your D&D game? Explore these options

Miniature Painting Tutorial Page added

Miniature painting category added

News, Reviews and Culture

Six aspects of legacy D&D that should make a comeback

Game Night Blog Carnival: Carcassonne

Free online flash game, ‘Dungeon Escape,’ a Dragon’s Lair tribute

Product Review: Dungeon Squad

Product Review: Song of Blades and Heroes

What the tokens vs. minis issue bodes for D&D

Product Review: Warlord, Second Edition

Product Review: D&D Fourth Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide 2

Product Review: Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition for Dummies

Looking for a diversion? Try Facebook’s Tiny Adventures

Five ‘old school’ products for ‘new school’ DMs

Product Review: ‘How to Paint a Better Miniature,’ Disc 3

Product Review: ‘How to Paint a Better Miniature,’ Disc 2

Product Review: Hot Lead’s ‘How to Paint a Better Miniature,’ Disc 1

Product Review: Kids, Castles and Caves

Product Review: 4e Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook 2

RPG Music

Need free streaming music for D&D? Check Radio Rivendell

Video: 27 verses of Tolkein’s Misty Mountain Song

New category: RPG Music

Site Updates

New site feature: Post Index

Up, periscope: some surprising numbers, and a reason to write again

Ways to boost traffic to your D&D blog

Revisiting the mission statement – and requesting reader suggestions

All posts re-categorized and re-tagged

RPG Athenaeum accepted into RPG Bloggers Network


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