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Although this material is copyrighted, it may be freely distributed and hosted on other sites if presented in unaltered form, if design credit is granted to the RPG Athenaeum, and a link to the RPG Athenaeum Web log is provided next to the download link.

The Rusty Dwarf Inn is a typical inn and tavern run by the halfling brewer, Bandor Berryhill. This 12-page pdf file includes a description of the inn’s history, a complete key, non-player character profiles and high-resolution maps.

100 Topics for Tavern Chatter

100 Street Scenes for a Medieval Settlement

100 Motives for a Commoner on the Street

100 Descriptors for Nondescript Characters

100 Book Titles for a Castle Library


10 comments on “Free Downloads

  1. […] as a free .pdf download for your use; you can get the file by clicking here or visiting our Free Downloads […]

  2. […] list is available as a nicely formatted PDF in the downloads section, where you’ll also find one hundred topics for tavern chatter! 3 November 2009 […]

  3. […] list has been formatted as a free .pdf download, available on the Free Downloads […]

  4. […] This list is available as a free .pdf download by clicking here or by visiting our Free Downloads Page. […]

  5. JasonK says:

    All around great lists that save a GM some valuable time. THANK YOU!

  6. Auke says:

    Good stuff, thanks.

  7. Alex says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    Saved a lot of people alot of time.

  8. Byrom says:

    Thank you so much for creating these lists, very useful

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