Miniature Painting Tutorials

After a brief review of the statistics for this Web log, it appears that many visitors arrive here via relevancy-rank search engine. Judging from the search terms they are using, it is apparent that many site visitors seek instructions and advice about painting gaming miniatures.

While there is a posting category for miniatures in general, it seems that adding a page specifically devoted to helping painters find the information they need would increase the utility of this site. To this end, the following links are provided, along with brief descriptions of what a visitor may find there. To suggest a tutorial link or report a failed link, please consider using the Contact Us page in the upper right corner of your screen to let us know.

Miniature Painting Tutorial Pages (Presented in alphabetical order)

  • Blackmoor has a handful of tricks and tutorials; its handling of non-metallic metal for different colored metals is quite useful.
  • Many consider the CoolMiniOrNot Web site to be the flagship of miniature painting sites. The “Articles” section offers a range of tutorials, mostly to achieve highly specific effects, and each is ranked according to the difficulty of the technique.
  • Corbania Prime offers an outstanding tutorial on how to sculpt capes and cloaks out of “green stuff” putty for tabletop miniatures.
  • Dr. Faust’s Painting Clinic is another popular destination for miniature painting advice. Most of the tutorials seem geared toward specific problem areas, such as painting eyes, gemstones, and flesh tones. The tutorial on removing old paint from miniatures is one of the most useful on the Web.
  • The appropriately-named site provides a long list of tutorials that covers the basics of miniature painting especially well.
  • Hot Lead is the Internet home of Painter Laszlo Jakusovszky, the creative force behind the recently-released “How to Paint a Better Miniature” DVD series. His site provides beginning and advanced photo tutorials.
  • The Jenova Project offers well-done photo tutorials on many of the hobby’s more advanced techniques, such as blending and non-metallic metal. The tutorial called, “Painting a Pseudo-Tartan” is especially interesting.
  • Necrotales Miniatures has some brilliantly-painted tutorials, although most of the offerings are for more advanced techniques.
  • The Painting Mum Web site features a broad range of highly informative photo tutorials and a stunning gallery.
  • The Reaper Miniatures page has a section titled, “The Craft,” which contains photo tutorials of several unusual techniques. It is rarely updated, but the information presented is useful.

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  3. Mahon says:

    You may wish to add the Painting Mum blog to the list. Ana posts useful and thoroughly illustrated tutorials there, and is always willing to answer questions.

  4. I actually desired to show this specific posting, “Miniature Painting Tutorials
    The RPG Athenaeum” together with my best good friends on twitter.
    I actuallyonly sought to distribute your great posting! Thanks a
    lot, Noreen

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