Effective March 12, 2009

1. The RPG Athenaeum is not a pay-per-post blog. The author of the Web log is not receiving any form of compensation for his writings on this site. At some future date, the site may generate revenue from advertising, but even in such a case, there will be no correlation between advertising and content.

2. As it is virtually impossible to discuss tabletop gaming without discussing tabletop games, the RPG Athenaeum makes frequent mention of copyrighted materials and trademarked properties. The mention and discussion of these materials and properties, however, is not to be construed as a challenge to said copyrights or trademarks.

3. Opinions expressed on The RPG Athenaeum site are those of their respective authors only, and do not necessarily reflect the views of this Web log’s author, its guest contributors, commenting visitors, or WordPress.

4. The author of this Web log reserves the right to delete any post or comment at his sole discretion, without notice.

5. By viewing material on, downloading files from or visiting sites linked to the RPG Athenaeum, visitors agree to hold this Web log and its author harmless for any pecuniary losses, damages, personal injury or psychological trauma incurred during or after the viewing of site content or linked Web pages.

6. All original content posted on this Web log is Copyright 1995-2012, L.D. Marshall.

7. This legal disclaimer my be expanded or revised at any time without notice, at the sole discretion of the Web log’s author.

8. Like all posts on this site, this disclaimer is open for public comment; any suggestions regarding elements that should be eliminated, modified or added will be duly considered.

Addendum: Effective March 15, 2009

9. The RPG Athenaeum will occasionally provide stock non-player characters (NPCs) for site visitors to utilize in their respective Dungeons & Dragons games. Unless specifically stated, these characters are entirely fictional; any similarities in character, appearance, behavior or motive with any person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Addendum: Effective January 15, 2010

10. L.D. Marshall retains all rights to original content published on the RPG Athenaeum. Permission is hereby granted to re-post this content on other sites and in other languages, providing that a link to the RPG Athenaeum accompanies the re-posted content, and that the site hosting the re-posted content accepts no paid advertising. Paid sites seeking to re-post RPG Athenaeum content should contact the author at alric (dot) RPGAthenaeum (at) gmail (dot) com to discuss particulars.

Addendum: Effective January 02, 2011

The years specified in the copyright notice in paragraph 6. have been updated from “1995 to 2010” to read, “1995 to 2011.”

Addendum: Effective January 28, 2012

The years specified in the copyright notice in paragraph 6. have been updated from “1995 to 2011” to read, “1995 to 2012.”


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