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If commenting on a specific post isn’t ideal, please Email the author at alric (dot) RPGAthenaeum (at) gmail (dot) com.


3 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Darrel says:

    Hilarious little post there at the end, although I do hope the sarcasm tag was firmly put on (given the references to it as real). =)

  2. Hello,

    I am an admin on Legend of Lyrean ( ), a
    browser based, text based multi player RPG based on the old “Legend of the Red Dragon” BBS Door game, and also host the site’s official forums.

    I am writing because I would like to post modified versions of some of
    your articles in the Role Play Guides section ( ).

    Specifically, I would like to use, “100 Motives for the commoner on the
    street” & “100 Descriptors for nondescript NPCs”.

    The reason I would like to modify them is to make them geared toward
    PLAYER characters, as suggestions for players to develop storylines and
    characters for the MPRPG environment, rather than a tabletop gaming
    environment and NPCs.

    The modifications would consist of removing all references to dice
    rolling or other tabletop gaming practises, would replace the word,
    “NPC”, with either, “player”, or, “character”, as appropriate, and
    change the number to reflect the items left after removing items not
    relevant to our game.

    Both posts would begin with the message (in a font at least as large as
    the main post):

    “This post is a modified version of RPG Athenaeum’s , which can be found here: .”

    I am already planning on linking several other articles from your blog,
    both as resources within other posts, and in a list of useful links to
    help your RP.

    Thank you very much for your time,
    ~ Khaos WolfKat (AKA Moreta in games)

    PS: Another great generator resource I use all the time is the Rinkworks
    Fantasy Name Generator, located here:
    You may already be aware of it, but thought I’d share anyway, just in

  3. BrianW says:

    Hey, just wanted to drop a note and see if you’d consider adding (dice store) or our blog to your blogroll.


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