Wizards getting back into the miniatures game – sort of

While this may already be common knowledge across cyberspace, I hadn’t heard about this product release yet, so I’ll mention it here in case any readers live under rocks adjacent to mine.

Contained in this summary of events planned for the upcoming Origins Game Fair is an entry for a demonstration of Dungeon Command, a new miniatures skirmish game Wizards of the Coast will release in a few months.

A brief search on the product title yielded this page, which gives more detail about the product. Apparently, WotC will be selling miniatures in groups of 12 called factions; these minis will be packaged with dungeon tiles, stat cards and game rules, and will retail for $39.99. While a quick start version of the game will enable two people to play from the same box, each player will need his or her own box to play the full game.

The miniatures will be compatible with other WotC products, including D&D and WotC’s Adventure System Board Games.

A bit more digging around the WotC site led to a product release schedule. Two faction sets are slated for release July 17: Heart of Cormyr and Sting of Lloth. Amazon.com is offering pre sale copies of a third faction set, Tyranny of Goblins, although I didn’t see this product listed on the WotC release schedule page.

The folks over at Board Game Geek were kind enough to provide a link to this video from Pax East, in which Chris Dupuis describes it as a combination board game/skirmish game. The miniatures depicted in the video look very similar to previous D&D Miniatures releases. The Board Game Geeks also posted several product images here.

Geeks Playing Games was present for the play test, and drafted a pretty thorough review of play, which is posted here.

While it seems that this product will contain far fewer sculpts than prior DDM releases – and therefore be of reduced use for a dungeon master – it is better than nothing. And at least a DM will know which figures are in which box, a welcome change from the random packaging of yesteryear.


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