Please consider voting in the Site of the Year Contest

For those who may not have heard, the folks over at Stuffer Shack are hosting a Site of the Year contest, and the RPG Athenaeum is honored to be one of 34 entrant sites for consideration. Voting will be held during the week of April 16 to 20, with a small group of blogs to be judged by readers on each day. This site is to compete Tuesday, April 17 (click on the image in the top right corner of the screen to go to Suffer Shack, and click the 2012 SOTY Award tab on that site to vote); I ask that any readers who have found worthwhile ideas here to kindly consider voting for the RPG Athenaeum.

An equally exciting aspect of the contest is the opportunity to review other blogs entered, some of which I hadn’t yet seen. I encourage readers to review the list of submitted sites to see a great cross-section of writing styles and RPG topics. With this level of participation, even the blog with the fewest votes ends up winning, in the form of increased traffic and the potential for new readers.

Best of luck to all entrants!

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