An invitation to take part in ‘Read an RPG Book in Public Week’

For many of us, taking part in role-playing games is a “closet” hobby. After all, not everyone understands what these games entail, and explanations can often backfire (It’s easy! All you have to do is sit in the basement for a few hours, pretending you are an elf!); from there, it is easy for people to make several erroneous conclusions about the speaker, ranging from deciding that he or she needs to date more or, in the eyes of some listeners, that the speaker is condemned to Eternal Woe unless immediate repentance follows.

It’s been said that nothing undoes a lie quicker than exposure to daylight, which is why Read an RPG Book in Public Week is so appealing. The concept, put forth by the folks at The Escapist, is simple enough – read an RPG book in a public place, thereby providing an opportunity for coworkers, friends or even passerby to ask about what you’re reading and why you’re reading it. Hopefully, the ensuing conversation will allow you to explain how much fun and creative these games are, and debunk a myth or two about RPGs and people who play them.

Three such weeks have been scheduled for this calendar year: the weeks of March 4 (tomorrow,) July 27 and Oct. 1.

Please consider reading such a book this week. It may advance our hobby, and even help recruit a few new players.


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