Free online flash game, ‘Dungeon Escape,’ a Dragon’s Lair Tribute

This golem-like beast is only one of the many foes players must evade in Dungeon Escape. The colored circle is where the player must click next to survive.

Older gamers may fondly remember the arcade video game Dragon’s Lair which, due to its picture disc technology, placed it far ahead of any of its contemporaries. From that same sense of nostaligia, programmer R. Hunter Gough started the Dungeon Escape project in 2003, and finished it seven years later.

The game plays in much the same way as the original Dragon’s Lair; the player controls a hero moving through a forbidding dungeon setting, and theplayer must click upon specific areas of the screen within a very narrow time frame to continue the story. Acting too slowly results in the hero befalling some tragic fate, and after three such errors, the story ends.

The fact that this is a low-memory rendition of the concept adds a great deal of charm to game play. The player’s stick figure hero can be disfigured in ways that would never be possible in a more detailed game, and the simply depicted game objects actually make the game easier, as the player isn’t distracted by graphic eye candy.

For those of us who want to revisit (or who have never seen) the original game that inspired Dungeon Escape, a complete playthrough of Dragon’s Lair has been posted on youtube:


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