Miniature Gallery Page Added

While this is not primarily a miniature painting blog, the RPG Athenaeum does touch upon the miniature aspect of the hobby. What was missing, as one astute reader pointed out in a recent message, are photos of finished miniatures.

To this end, an image gallery of miniatures painted by the author has been added to the site. It can be accessed under the “Pages” heading in the navbar to the right, or by clicking here.

The author isn’t a skilled painter, and it shows. The author isn’t a photographer, and that shows, too. Having said that, if you get any ideas about painting your own figures from the colors the author has chosen, or even if you can take heart in the fact that your own painting is better (and there will be plenty of readers who can say that), this gallery will have done its job.


2 comments on “Miniature Gallery Page Added

  1. Michael says:

    As a former game shop owner and Warhammer enthusiast, I can say with confidence that you DO have skill as a painter.

    • Alric says:

      You are too kind, and I thank you for your compliment. If that is the case, our FLGS is blessed, because the guys I paint with make me look like a Kindergartner. One dude there even has a Golden Demon.

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