Free download: the Rusty Dwarf Inn

Not all readers are aware that this blog has a  free downloads page, where all .pdf resources produced by the Athenaeum are posted for reader use. In addition to the popular “100 lists” available there is The Rusty Dwarf Inn, an edition-neutral, 12-page document that details a fantasy inn, including its history, staff, map and complete key. The file was posted two years ago, shortly after this blog was launched, but well before it had any readers, so many visitors may not know it’s there.

This month has been positively brutal at work, so hopefully things will slow down enough soon to allow for more regular posting.

Until then, thank you for reading,



3 comments on “Free download: the Rusty Dwarf Inn

  1. Sully says:

    Very cool! I downloaded the Inn and some of the 100-lists and they all went straight into my DM binder. I know the lists will get plenty of use, and I plan on plugging the Inn right into my main town in my new campaign!

    • Alric says:

      You are most welcome, Sir. I’ve been meaning to put more stuff up there (a lot of it is just waiting to be converted to .pdf), but life just keeps getting in the way…

  2. Just starting a new Dragon Age tabletop campaign and this is going to come in handy giving the players color. Thanks much.

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