100 Book titles for a castle library

Many adventures for the Dungeons & Dragons game take place in cities or castles, where heroes may find themselves in libraries. Unfortunately, book titles from those libraries aren’t provided nearly so often, and the dungeon master (DM) can quickly become pressed for details when players ask what volumes are sitting on the shelves before them.

As part of its ongoing efforts to provide  DMs with all the details they may never need, the RPG Atheneum has produced the following list of 100 book titles that could appear in a fantasy role-playing library. To randomly determine a title, roll two ten-sided dice as a percentile, reading one die as the “tens” digit and the other as the “ones” digit. Thus, rolls of 4 and 3 are read as 43, 0 and 9 as 9, 7 and 0 as 70 and 0 and 0 as 100.

This list is available as a free .pdf download by clicking here or by visiting our Free Downloads Page.

Look up your percentile roll on the list below:

  1. Famous quotes of King Regenald VI
  2. Amathar’s Chronicles of the Tetrad Heresy
  3. The Art of the Eladrin
  4. The Autobiography of Sir Keveron Truelance
  5. The Day of Fire, a Play in Five Parts
  6. Distaff and Shepherd’s Crook: the Importance of Textiles
  7. A History of the War-Priests of Bzondricanth
  8. Last Words of the Condemned: A Collection of Confessions
  9. The Medicinal Benefits of Bloodletting
  10. Phaedra’s Collected Fables and Nursery Rhymes
  11. A Discourse on Friendship
  12. Shezifar’s Tome of Unfulfilled Prophecies
  13. Essays on the Nature of Love by Lady Taralyn Sorinir
  14. Reading Common Signs and Omens
  15. Truth, Beauty and the Knightly Ideal
  16. Weights and Measures
  17. A Herald’s Guide to Pennants and Crests
  18. The Tears of the Saints
  19. Common Causes for Border Wars
  20. Fasting and Spiritual Growth
  21. The Wildlife of the Moors
  22. Day of the Primordials, a Tale
  23. Essentials for the Equestrian
  24. A Nation at War
  25. Bear’s Hollow: a Sketchbook
  26. Construction of a Keep
  27. Designing and Planting a Hedge Maze
  28. An Overview of Dwarven Epic Poetry
  29. Battle Hymns of the Celestial Tower
  30. The Traveling Bestiary of Farlad the Blue
  31. Principles of Finance
  32. The Sad Tale of Sargon Rex
  33. Encyclopedia of Common Plants
  34. A Guide to Giantish Runes
  35. Exploring the World of Shadow Puppetry
  36. A Culinary History of the Barony of Jarik
  37. Uses for the Leech in Contemporary Medicine
  38. A Common-to-Dwarven Dictionary
  39. The Tale of the Carpenter and the Dragon
  40. Torture and Morality
  41. The Care and Feeding of a Prize Falcon
  42. Symptoms and Treatments for Conjuritis
  43. Whispering Leaves: a Translated Anthology of Elven Poetry
  44. Castle Sanitation
  45. The Brewing Storm: Signs Every Tax Collector Should Know
  46. The Meaning of Fealty
  47. Haunted Sites of the Realm
  48. Negotiating with Trade Guilds
  49. The Life of Saint Ryla
  50. Collected Tavern Songs
  51. The Mosaics of the Monastery of the Crystal Cataract
  52. Proper Administration of a Royal Granary
  53. Legal Codes of the Realm
  54. Common Phrases in Abyssal
  55. The Burning Candle: a Romance
  56. Basics of Winter Food Preservation
  57. What is Evil? Collected Essays
  58. Seeking the Philosopher’s Stone
  59. Burial Customs of Ancient Peoples
  60. Court Mannerisms and Etiquette
  61. Cultivating Common Pipeweeds
  62. The Fashions of the Court of Baron Uther XI
  63. The Indispensable Vizier
  64. The Ice Saga of Eonyl the Snow-Reaver
  65. Heraldry of the Realm
  66. An Introduction to Ale-Brewing
  67. Barbarian Tribes of the North
  68. The Mystery of the Dolmen of Ap Drych
  69. Deployment of Spearmen on the Battlefield
  70. The Chandler’s Craft
  71. Sehanine’s Dream
  72. Basics of Financial Recording
  73. Lady Thanara and the Dragon
  74. Principles of Governing and Lordship
  75. Great Sculptors of History
  76. Military Decorations of the Realm
  77. The Sins of the Kingpriest: a Play in Three Parts
  78. A History of the Inquisition of the Fourth Age
  79. An Illustrated Guide to Gems and Jewels
  80. The Administration of Low Justice
  81. On the march: a Captain’s Manual
  82. Pirates of the Azure Sea
  83. Matters of the Hart: a Guide to Hunting
  84. Tales of Valor
  85. Tenets of Statesmanship
  86. Interpreting Goblin Pictoglyphs
  87. The Dreamsong
  88. Eleven Knightly Virtues
  89. Mathematics and Astronomy
  90. Customs of Established religions
  91. Bloodlines of the Lords of Trissel
  92. Principles of Astral Navigation
  93. The Elven Calendar
  94. Wisdom of Our Kings
  95. Basics of Husbandry
  96. Conventions of Bardic Music
  97. Norrin’s Treatise on Medicinal Herbs
  98. A History of the Noble House of Zephron
  99. The Virtues of Courtly Love
  100. The Tale of Etienne and the Foxwoman

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