Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 9: Levels 25 to 27

Hoard_of_ancient_gold_coinsOne aspect of the fourth edition (4e) of the Dungeons & Dragons game that separates it from it predecessors is the formulaic nature of treasure placement. Determining if this aspect is good or bad is a task best left to blogs that debate such things. It is beyond debate, however, to say that the 4e game doesn’t include tables for random determination of specific pieces of treasure, art objects, or gems, favoring instead static lists of generic “treasure parcels” for parties of every experience level. Sadly, the variety of monetary treasure and the realism added to the game by well-described treasures as seen in prior editions are entirely absent.

Therefore, with deference to the producers of Pimp My Ride, the RPG Athenaeum presents its ninth episode of Pimp My Treasure Parcel, where a few, more descriptive, treasure parcels are presented as possible replacements for those in the 4e Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG).

This week’s episode, Levels 25 to 27, provides new monetary treasure parcels for parties having experience of the indicated levels. Each list presented below begins with parcel No. 5, as the first four parcels listed for every experience level are occupied by magical items in the 4e DMG treasure parcel tables. As there is virtually no difference in value between any parcel listed below and its corresponding parcel in the DMG – parcel No. 7 in the level 25 list below carries the same value as parcel No. 7 for level 25 in the 4e DMG, for example – any parcel listed here may be freely interchanged with those listed in the official rules.  Prior episodes of this feature can be located through the following links:

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No. 5. 92,000 sp, 87,800 gp, 633 pp, a Potion of Life, a celestial gold pectoral inlaid with a relief sculpture of a slumbering dragon, rendered in precious gems (65,000 gp), a platinum hand-warmer, inlaid with obsidian, containing a tiny elemental spark of elemental fire (30,000 gp) and a pouch made from gorgon hide (5,000 gp), containing the following gems: seven black sapphires (5,000 gp each), three diamonds (5,000 gp each), two fire opals (1,000 gp each), and five star rubies (5,000 gp each).

No. 6. 4 ad, 50 pp, a chain of celestial gold set with a crystal sphere, in which an oblong chunk of rock is magically suspended – the two ends of the rock were dipped into the Elemental Chaos and Feywild, respectively, during the enchantment process, so the rock churns with elemental energy on one end, appears as a normal rock in the center, and glows with Fey radiance at the other end (75,000 gp), a perfect  sphere of meteoric iron, containing a drop of Kord’s blood (100,000 gp), a crown, fashioned from celestial gold and set with a palm-sized diamond, and a matching scepter (crown and scepter worth 40,000 gp each, or 100,000 gp for the set).

No. 7. 100 pp, a Potion of Life, a set of matching vambraces, cold-forged from meteoric iron and inlaid with a celestial gold reliefs of rampant dragons (50,000 gp) and a chain of celestial gold, on which are strung four claws taken from a fallen aspect of Bane (40,000 gp).

No. 8. 300 pp, a crystal carving of a satyr’s head which, on command, animates and sings elven poetry (10,000 gp), a pair of earrings, forged from wrought celestial gold; each earring is set with an astral diamond (12,500 gp each, or 25,000 gp if sold as a pair), a book, retelling the tale of Corellon’s battle with Gruumsh; its covers are fashioned from living leaves of Feywild trees, its pages are fashioned from sheets of Mica, and its writing is penned in starlight (35,000 gp), and 10 matching goblets of celestial gold, with stems studded with star rubies (8,000 gp each, or 100,000 gp for the set).

No. 9. 150 pp, a wrought platinum ring, set with en enormous diamond (15,000 gp), a tooth taken from a fallen aspect of Orcus (15,000 gp), a cloak, fashioned from the leaves of Shadowfell grave trees and enchanted to never dry, crack or tear, lined with a Ghaele of Winter’s hide and tied about the neck with a cord woven from strands of murderers’ hair (20,000 gp), and a necklace, fashioned from wrought celestial platinum, set with six elemental snowflakes that continually regenerate in air above zero degrees Centigrade (35,000 gp).

No. 10. 10,180 sp, 14,982 gp, 785 pp.


No. 5. 35,390 sp, 27,810 gp, 4,442 pp, a children’s toy top, carved from a massive ruby – a tiny air elemental bound to the item makes it spin on command (20,000 gp), a puzzle from the Far Realm, assembled into the shape of a sphere from fragments of an unknown, glasslike substance (25,000 gp), and a portfolio, fashioned from ancient red dragon hide and lined with angel feathers (5,000 gp) containing a mirror, wrought from celestial gold with a reflective surface made from one of Avandra’s tears (100,000 gp).

No. 6. 1,400 pp, a Potion of Life, a large, flawless ruby gemstone (5,000 gp), a life-sized alabaster statue of a female elf (25,000 gp), a neck torque of celestial gold, set with a dozen fire opals (25,000 gp), two identical celestial gold wrist torques matching the neck torque (10,000 gp each, or 25,000 gp for is sold as a set) – the three torques command a combined value of 65,000 gp; a tapestry, woven from metallic thread, depicting the creation of the world (50,000 gp), a claw from the corpse of Io (75,000 gp), and a coffer, fashioned from ivory, covered with white dragon hide and fitted with celestial platinum hinges, containing 100 diamonds valued at 1,000 gp each (100,000 gp).

No. 7. 15 ad, 500 pp, two Potions of Recovery, a tiara fashioned with gold filigree and set with four massive star sapphires (25,000 gp), a fist-sized diamond (50,000 gp) and a bracelet fashioned from elemental lightning (50,000 gp).

No. 8. 10 ad, 150 pp, a goblet of celestial gold, fashioned in the shape of stylized sea serpent (30,000 gp), a reversible cloak made from sparkling astral thread but lined with light-absorbing woven shadow (45,000 gp), a dagger sheath, forged from adamantite and encrusted with diamonds (50,000 gp), a lyre made from wrought celestial gold, with strings of astral thread (60,000 gp) and a sword baldric, woven from faintly glowing astral thread in a geometric pattern (25,000 gp) with matching belt and surcoat (45,000 gp) – the baldric, belt and surcoat are worth 75,000 gp if sold as a set.

No. 9. 200 pp, a Potion of Life, six bright orange jacinth gemstones (5,000 gp each, 30,000 gp total), and a celestial gold necklace set with three astral diamonds.

No. 10. 11 ad, 137 pp, 1,300 gp.


No. 5.  31 ad, 967 pp, a Potion of Life, a wrought platinum cloak clasp, shaped like a moon – a carved celestial opal forms a crescent shape over a circular black sapphire, leaving the impression of a moon in the night sky (25,000 gp), an idol, carved from a smooth, black meteoric rock in the image of an ancient primordial earth spirit, with jacinth gems for eyes (50,000 gp), a celestial gold bowl, set with 10 large rubies about the rim (70,000 gp), a necklace, delicately forged from celestial gold and set with 15 black sapphires (95,000 gp), a hallowed-out young dragon skull containing the following gems: nine aquamarine gems (500 gp each), 14 amethysts (100 gp each),10 black opals (1,000 gp each), three black sapphires (5,000 gp each), 12 emeralds (1,000 gp each), six fire opals (1,000 gp each), eight garnets (100 gp each), five jacinth stones (5,000 gp each), seven opals (1,000 gp each), three black pearls (500 gp each), 36 white pearls (100 gp each), eight rubies (5,000 gp each), three sapphires (1,000 gp each), eight blue spinel stones (500 gp each), four star rubies (1,000 gp each) five star sapphires (1,000 gp each), and 21 topaz gems (10,500 gp), for a total gem value of 153,300 gp.

No. 6. 31 ad, 250 pp, an apple carved from a solid piece of white alabaster (5,000 gp), a celestial crystal vial (10,000 gp) containing a Potion of Life, a wrought mithril torque (10,000 gp), a crucible forged from adamantite (15,000 gp), a mithril diadem with platinum filigree shaped liked intertwined vines, set with a massive emerald in the center (20,000 gp), a celestial gold bracelet, set with five sapphires (25,000 gp), a locket of celestial gold, strung upon a celestial gold chain and containing the portrait of a beautiful eladrin woman, rendered in a tiny mosaic of gem fragments (35,000 gp), a platinum scroll tube, elegantly etched with a scene of battle between Moradin and Gruumsh and studded with gems – the gems must be depressed in a specific sequence to open the tube, DC 33 intelligence check to open (50,000 gp), and a set of four drinking horns, carved from the canine teeth of pit fiends, each capped and rimmed with cold-forged meteoric iron and set with five star sapphires (50,000 gp each, or 250,000 gp if sold as a set).

No. 7. 12 ad, 1,500 pp, an hourglass, made from crystal and capped with wood from Shadowfell grave trees, with ground eladrin bones for sand (15,000 gp), two celestial gold candlesticks (15,000 gp each, or 40,000 gp if sold as a set), an adamantite mortar and pestle (15,000 gp), a sword scabbard, covered with demon hide, studded with black sapphires and capped with meteoric, cold-forged iron (20,000 gp), a mithril incense burner (25,000 gp), a map of the known world, predating the most recent cataclysm and revealing the locations of several “lost” cities and tombs (30,000 gp), a mithril urn inlaid with celestial gold reliefs of forging tools, containing the ashes of the founder of a prominent dwarf clanhold (50,000 gp), and a celestial gold vial (10,000 gp) containing perfume extracted from flower blossoms in the Feywild (75,000 gp).

No. 8.  30 ad, 250 pp, a celestial gold anklet, fashioned to resemble licking flames and set with three jacinth stones (30,000 gp), a mithral bell, studded with precious stones and fitted with a celestial platinum clapper (50,000 gp), a celestial gold pin, set with five astral diamonds (60,000 gp) and 10 platinum buttons, each set with a black sapphire (6,000 gp each, or 75,000 gp for the set).

No. 9.  50 pp, a cloak and hood woven from elemental water (50,000 gp) and a small coffer formed from elemental lightning (50,000 gp) containing 13 ad and the following gems: three emeralds (1,000 gp each), six jacinth (5,000 gp each), two rubies (5,000 gp each), and two sapphires (1,000 gp each).

No. 10. 1,200 gp, 388 pp, and 13 ad.


One comment on “Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 9: Levels 25 to 27

  1. Nicholas R. Marino says:

    Any chance the final installment of this series is still forthcoming? Just discovered this a few weeks ago, and, while my game is currently just 4th level, this has been tremendously useful!

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