All posts re-categorized and re-tagged


Did the old category structure of this blog leave you feeling like this? Hopefully, today's reorganization will fix that.

One of the most commented posts at Role-Playing Pro asks what readers like, dislike and wish they could get from RPG Blogs.

One comment on that post seemed particularly appropriate for this Web log; it suggested that there be no duplicate content between tags and categories, a very common practice here. The practice began innocently enough; posts under the Crime Scene Sunday theme, for example, were about villains committing the crimes and about DMs applying those crimes to game settings, so it seemed logical to categorize the posts in both “Villains” and “DMing Techniques.” Unfortunately, cross-categorizing forces readers who search by category to view the same posts more than once, a concept that hadn’t occurred to this writer until reading the comment on Role-Playing Pro.

By extension, this blog committed the same crime with respect to post tags. This writer was under the erroneous impression that tags affect how Internet search engines located post content. WordPress Support indicates that they do not, so all placing tags like “D&D” on all posts does nothing but make it more difficult for readers to find what they are seeking.

To correct this problem, all 90 posts published to this blog have been re-categorized and re-tagged, with the noted exception that every post is categorized “RPG Hub” so that it may be considered for publication on the RPG Bloggers Network. Hopefully, the reorganization will make it easier for site visitors to find what they need, or identify what is missing and request that this blog provide it.


3 comments on “All posts re-categorized and re-tagged

  1. It’s an important point. When I first started blogging years ago, I used categories like tags. Having many each post. I found it helped to think of categories as navigation. That keeps me on the straight and narrow.

    I’m still like to use multiple tags per post though.

    I think I’ll go read that RolePlayingPro article now. 🙂

    • Alric says:

      Welcome back, BG.

      Whether or not to use multiple tags is certainly a personal decision; after reading that article, I felt convicted about my layering tons of tags on my posts and decided it needed to change. A different blogger might feel different changes are in order, or they may not think any changes are needed at all…

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