Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 7: Levels 19 to 21

Gentle Reader: please pardon the absence of posts for the prior week. The author suffered a back injury and was unable to post.

One aspect of the fourth edition (4e) of the Dungeons & Dragons game that separates it from it predecessors is the formulaic nature of treasure placement. Determining if this aspect is good or bad is a task best left to blogs that debate such things. It is beyond debate, however, to say that the 4e game doesn’t include tables for random determination of specific pieces of treasure, art objects, or gems, favoring instead static lists of generic “treasure parcels” for parties of every experience level. Sadly, the variety of monetary treasure and the realism added to the game by well-described treasures as seen in prior editions are entirely absent.

Therefore, with deference to the producers of Pimp My Ride, the RPG Athenaeum presents its seventh episode of Pimp My Treasure Parcel, where a few, more descriptive, treasure parcels are presented as possible replacements for those in the 4e Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG).

This week’s episode, Levels 19 to 21, provides new monetary treasure parcels for parties having experience of the indicated levels. Each list presented below begins with parcel No. 5, as the first four parcels listed for every experience level are occupied by magical items in the 4e DMG treasure parcel tables. As there is virtually no difference in value between any parcel listed below and its corresponding parcel in the DMG – parcel No. 7 in the level 20 list below carries the same value as parcel No. 7 for level 20 in the 4e DMG, for example – any parcel listed here may be freely interchanged with those listed in the official rules. 

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No. 5. 18,220 sp, 15,278 gp, 109 pp, a ceremonial dagger, carved from ivory and inlaid with tiny rubies (2,000 gp), a necklace made from 30 matching amber gemstones (4,000 gp), a fiery orange jacinth gem (5,000 gp), an onyx vase inlaid with a golden reliefs of ascendant dragons on either side (8,000 gp), and a wrought gold ring, set with two diamonds and an emerald (13,000 gp).

No. 6. 120 pp, a transparent, deep violet garnet gem (500 gp), a white silk surcoat lined with sable fur (4,500 gp), a wrought gold pendant, suspended from a heavy golden chain and set with a transparent, bright green Oriental emerald (7,000 gp), a set of 10 wrought gold buttons, each set with a star ruby (1,100 gp each, or 12,000 gp if sold as a set), and a wrought gold, non-magical holy symbol appropriate to the campaign, set with 10 black opal gems and concealing a small flask containing two Potions of Vitality (16,000 gp, including the value of the potions).

No. 7. 100 pp, a large spool of gilded thread (500 gp), a statuette, carved from jet and inlaid with white onyx, depicting an ancient warrior in a fighting stance (4,000 gp), a pair of wrought gold earrings, each set with a large opal, and a matching pendant, suspended from a golden chain and set with an exceptionally large opal (earrings 1,100 gp each, pendant 3,000 gp, total value 6,000 if sold as a set), and an ivory coffer, lined with ermine fur and secured by platinum fittings (2,500 gp) containing the following gems: a lustrous black sapphire (5,000 gp), two transparent green emeralds (1,000 gp each), a pale blue opal with golden mottling (1,000 gp), a large, transparent purple Oriental amethyst (3,000 gp) and a transparent blue sapphire (1,000 gp).

No. 8. 4,390 sp, 4,561 gp, a recorder (flute) made from wrought gold and studded with tiny transparent purple amethysts  (3,000 gp), a golden armlet, fashioned to look like intertwining angel feathers and set with 10 white pearls (4,000 gp), a diamond gem (5,000 gp), a golden brooch, inlaid with black opal on the left side and white opal on the right; a white opal relief carving of a rampant dragon is set into the black side, and a black opal carving of the same dragon is set into the white side (7,000 gp), and a wrought gold, filigreed crown, set with seven identical star sapphires (11,000 gp).

No. 9. 30 pp, a wrought gold incense burner, sculpted with a dragon’s form at each corner; the dragons’ wings intertwine to form the sides and top of the burner, and the smoke emerges from the dragons’ mouths (4,000 gp), a plain gold ring set with a large diamond (5,000 gp), and a golden belt buckle, inlaid with black onyx in a geometric pattern centered around four white opals (6,000 gp).

No. 10. 36,300 cp, 14,557 sp, and 8,148 gp (not all treasure is portable).


No. 5. 8,180 sp, 9,682 gp, 195 pp, a wrought gold cloak clasp in two parts, each set with a transparent blue sapphire gem (3,000 gp), a wrought platinum torque (5,000 gp), a golden diadem set with 50 white pearls (7,000 gp), and a small pouch containing five diamonds (5,000 gp each, for a total value of 25,000 gp).

No. 6. 100 pp, a carving in white jade, fashioned to look like a life-sized apple (1,000 gp), 50 feet of rope, woven from unicorn manes (1,000 gp), a ring, carved from green jade in a pattern of holly leaves, with white peals set where holly berries would be (2,000 gp), an unusually large, transparent blue sapphire gem (2,000 gp), a wrought gold seal, bearing the crest of an ancient noble family and a large diamond in the handle (6,000 gp), a delicate chain bracelet made of wrought platinum (6,000 gp), a satchel made from silver dragon hide (1,000 gp), containing a sable fur cloak (9,000 gp), a black silk sword baldric set with 10 fire opal studs (11,000 gp) and a golden unholy symbol -corresponding to a campaign appropriate serpent-god – shaped as a striking cobra with rubies set into its eye sockets (12,000 gp).

No. 7. 100 pp, a small, wrought platinum idol in the image of a primordial water spirit (3,000 gp), a blet, fashioned from black dragon hide and inlaid with platinum reliefs of fighting dragons (3,000 gp), six matching gold drinking goblets, each set with six garnet gems (500 gp each, or 4,000 gp for the set), a platinum ring set with a large, transparent red ruby (10,000 gp), and a pair of wrought gold earrings, each set with a brilliant black sapphire (5,000 gp each, or 12,000 gp if sold as a set).

No. 8. A transparent, blue-green aquamarine gemstone (500 gp), two Potions of Vitality (1,000 gp each), a heavy golden ring, fashioned in the shape of a charging ram’s head with fire opals set into the eye sockets (2,500 gp), a wrought gold comb, studded with 25 pearls (4,000 gp), a pair of wrought gold vambraces, inlaid with jet in a geometric pattern (2,000 gp each, or 5,000 gp if sold as a set), two diamond gemstones (5,000 gp each), a wrought platinum torque with matching bracelet (worth 5,000 and 2,000 gp, respectively, or worth 8,000 gp if sold as a set), and a set of four matching platinum chains, each slightly smaller than the last, intended to be worn simultaneously (2,000 gp each, or 10,000 gp if sold as a set). 

No. 9. A washing bowl carved from a single piece of transparent rock crystal (3,000 gp), a sculpture of a fire elemental, made from blown glass shaded red and orange with large fire opals set in its eye sockets (4,000 gp), a wrought gold pectoral, studded with transparent blue sapphires arranged as constellations in the night sky (4,000 gp), a deck of ivory playing cards with numbers and suits inlaid with black onyx and red spinel (5,000 gp), and a fiery orange jacinth gem (5,000 gp).

No. 10. 3,560 sp, 3,644 gp, and 100 pp.


No. 5. 37,720 sp, 26,228 gp, 500 pp, 2 ad, and a Potion of Recovery (worth 25,000 gp).

No. 6. 156 pp, 4 ad, a small, transparent, deep blue spinel gem (400 gp), a transparent, olive green peridot gem (500 gp), two transparent green emerald stones (1,000 gp each), a pin, rendered from wrought platinum, fashioned in the shape of a death’s head (3,000 gp), a gold ring set with a ruby and five white pearls (6,000 gp), an anklet made from a delicate platinum chain, set with several small diamonds (7,500 gp), a star-shaped, wrought gold medallion set with a gigantic emerald at its center and a smaller emerald at each star point (10,000 gp), a suit of ceremonial plate armor, engraved with silver, studded with gems and edged in gold (12,000 gp), and a set of four white jade plaques: one inlaid with green jade, another with yellow topaz, a third in brown spinel and the fourth with aquamarine; the inlays depict the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, respectively (value 3,000 gp each, or 15,000 gp if sold as a set).

No. 7. 150 pp, a black sapphire gem (5,000 gp), a wrought platinum pendant set with a large ruby (15,000 gp), a set of fortune-telling stones, composed of three sapphires, three emeralds, three fire opals and three black opals, with runes engraved on each stone (1,000 gp each, or 15,000 gp if sold as a set), and a Potion of Recovery (25,000 gp).

No. 8. 175 pp, a fiery orange jacinth gemstone (5,000 gp), a pair of matching wrought platinum wedding rings, inlaid with tiny diamonds (5,000 gp each, or 7,500 gp if sold as a set), a pair of non-magical spectacles, with lenses ground from flawless rock crystal (10,000 gp, and may grant a +2 item bonus to certain Thievery and Perception skills checks, at the dungeon master’s discretion), a child’s toy, fashioned from steel but edged with platinum, taking the form of a “wind-up” beetle; the beetle has tiny emerald “eyes” and delicate golden wings that fold under its platinum carapace (15,000 gp), and three pieces of matching jewelry: a wrought platinum torque, set with four fire opals, and two matching bracelets with one fire opal each (the torque is worth 8,000 gp and the bracelets are worth 4,000 gp each; if sold as a set, the jewelry is worth 20,000 gp).

No. 9. 50 pp, a wrought platinum pendant, suspended from a platinum chain and cradling an enormous ruby (15,000 gp) and a velvet pouch containing the following gems: two transparent, dark green alexandrite stones (100 gp each), one transparent, blue-green aquamarine (500 gp), one black opal (1,000 gp), one black pearl (500 gp), one black sapphire (5,000 gp), two dark gray bloodstones (50 gp each), three emeralds (1,000 gp each), three transparent, deep red garnets (100 gp each), one moonstone (50 gp), three white pearls (100 gp each), one ruby (5,000 gp), two transparent blue sapphires (1,000 gp each), and one transparent, pale green zircon (50 gp).

No. 10. 730 sp, 427 gp, 45 pp, and 2 ad.

The next episode of Pimp My Treasure Parcel will be published next Thursday.


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  1. Aaron says:

    I’m sorry about the back injury! Thanks for keeping on posting these articles, they really are great. I can’t wait to give my players something interesting to play with (and then immediately sell).


  2. Geekfather says:

    Hope everything is alright. Been a long time between posts…

    • Alric says:

      Thank you for checking on me. It has indeed been a while. I was laid up with a back injury for a bit, then work got the better of me for a few months. I hope to resume posting – at least weekly – very soon.

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