Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 5: Levels 13 to 15

One aspect of the fourth edition (4e) of the Dungeons & Dragons game that separates it from it predecessors is the formulaic nature of treasure placement. Determining if this aspect is good or bad is a task best left to blogs that debate such things. It is beyond debate, however, to say that the 4e game doesn’t include tables for random determination of specific pieces of treasure, art objects, or gems, favoring instead static lists of generic “treasure parcels” for parties of every experience level. Sadly, the variety of monetary treasure and the realism added to the game by well-described treasures as seen in prior editions are entirely absent.

Therefore, with deference to the producers of Pimp My Ride, the RPG Athenaeum presents its fifth episode of Pimp My Treasure Parcel, where a few, more descriptive, treasure parcels are presented as possible replacements for those in the 4e Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG).

This week’s episode, Levels 13 to 15, provides new monetary treasure parcels for parties having experience of the indicated levels. Each list presented below begins with parcel No. 5, as the first four parcels listed for every experience level are occupied by magical items in the 4e DMG treasure parcel tables. As there is virtually no difference in value between any parcel listed below and its corresponding parcel in the DMG – parcel No. 7 in the level 14 list below carries the same value as parcel No. 7 for level 14 in the 4e DMG, for example – any parcel listed here may be freely interchanged with those listed in the official rules.

Prior episodes of this feature can be located through the following links:

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Treasures for experience levels 13 to 15 follow. When alternative treasure parcels for levels 1 to 30 have been published, they will be compiled into a .pdf file that will be available for free download on this site.


No. 5. 2,570 sp, 2,143 gp, a golden armlet, set with a blue coral carving of a mermaid holding a transparent, blue-green aquamarine gem (1,000 gp) and an ivory coffer, inlaid with gold and carved with an intricate geometric pattern (100 gp) that contains the following gems, each valued at 1,000 gp: a black opal, two transparent green emeralds, and three transparent blue sapphires. 

No. 6. 3,221 sp, 2,678 gp, an elaborately-carved golden ring, set with three identical stones of green jade (500 gp), a gray silk pouch containing the following gems, each valued at 100 gp: two transparent amber, three transparent purple amethysts, three transparent red spinels, and two transparent brown tourmalines (total gem value 1,000 gp), a fine box with golden fittings and black onyx inlays, fashioned from yew wood and engraved with the image of an embracing couple (400 gp), containing an ermine fur cape (3,600 gp).

No. 7. 229 sp, 227 gp, a large crystal prism that breaks white light into rainbows (100 gp), a transparent, brownish-green garnet gemstone (100 gp), a pair of golden earrings, each set with a transparent purple amethyst gem (125 gp each, or 300 gp if sold as a set), a transparent blue spinel gem (500 gp), a transparent, deep green emerald gemstone (1,000 gp), a Potion of Vitality (1,000 gp), a gold filigree brooch set with a translucent opal gemstone (1,200 gp), and a set of eight buttons, each carved from jet and inlaid with ivory, depicting the eight phases of the moon (125 gp each, or 1,250 gp if sold as a set).

No. 8. 20 pp, a leather pouch containing two yellow topaz stones (500 gp each) and a Potion of Vitality (1,000 gp), and a golden ring, set with a large emerald in the center and two green jade inlays along the sides, which touch adjacent fingers when the ring is worn,with a secret compartment under the emerald that can be filled with poison; when the ring is worn, squeezing the fingers and pressing the jade inlays releases a spring-loaded needle, coated with the poison, that springs out from the bottom of the ring (value 3,500 gp).

No. 9. 277 sp, 273 gp, a transparent blue aquamarine gem (500 gp), and a surcoat made from black dragon hide and lined with marten fur, with matching boots, belt, gloves and baldric (2,000 gp).

No. 10. 369 cp, 344 sp, 272 gp, a transparent, dark green alexandrite gemstone (100 gp), an abnormally large, transparent purple amethyst gemstone (200 gp), and a pendant on a golden chain, set with two white pearls flanking a black pearl (1,200 gp).


No. 5. 2,822 cp, 1,608 sp, 1,707 gp, a pair of plain, gold earrings (10 gp each, or 25 gp if sold as a set), a green silk brocade robe (50 gp), a transparent green chrysoberyl gem (100 gp), a ceremonial helm, inlaid with silver and set with large, transparent green alexandrite gem on the forehead (375 gp), a set of five matching crystal goblets with golden stems stylized to look like clawed hands holding the crystal (75 gp each, or 500 gp if sold as a set), a silver dagger with a golden handle, set with three smooth, red, transparent garnet stones on both sides of the grip, another garnet set into each end of the tang and a large garnet set into the pommel (1,100 gp) and sheathed in a matching silver scabbard, trimmed with gold and studded with garnet chips (500 gp), a a white jade statuette of an elven warrior, inlaid with green jade (1,200 gp), a wrought gold torque set with a black opal gemstone at each end (2,250 gp), and a transparent, fiery orange jacinth gemstone (5,000 gp).

No. 6. 4,708 cp, 3,469 sp, 2,156 gp, a solid silver dramatic mask, shaped in the stylized form of a dragon’s face (750 gp), a thick book of vellum pages, profusely illustrated and illuminated and bound between covers of beaten copper studded with rhodochrosite and tiger eye gems, containing a treatise on the magical properties of herbs and plants (1,000 gp), and a high-quality war hammer, etched with geometric patterns of inlaid silver (100 gp); a DC 20 perception check will reveal that the handle contains a secret compartment containing a 5,000 gp diamond.

No. 7. 161 sp, 684 gp, a gold ring set with two jade stones, one white and one green, each carved in the image of a fighting dragon (300 gp), a black opal gemstone (500 gp), a Potion of Vitality (1,000 gp), a silvered scepter, completely covered with turquoise and blue quartz stones (1,000 gp), a transparent, rich purple Oriental amethyst (1,000 gp), and a silver tiara set with a large, transparent green emerald and two dark green, transparent alexandrite stones to either side of the emerald (2,500 gp).

No. 8. 65 pp and a transparent, deep blue spinel gemstone (500 gp).

No. 9. and a black silk pouch, lined with marten fur (50 gp), containing the following gems: a transparent, rich gold amber gem (100 gp), a dark gray bloodstone with red flecks (50 gp), a transparent, yellow-green chrysoberyl (100 gp), two transparent, yellow-brown citrine stones (each 50 gp), a translucent white moonstone (50 gp), a yellow pearl (100 gp), a transparent, olive green peridot (500 gp), a transparent rock crystal (50 gp), a transparent blue sapphire (1,000 gp), a transparent yellow topaz (500 gp), a transparent green tourmaline (100 gp), and a transparent, blue-green zircon (50 gp), for a total gem value of 2,700 gp.

No. 10. 79 sp, 91 gp, 19 pp.


No. 5. 3,119 cp, 2,609 sp, 3,158 gp, a clear, blue-green zircon gemstone (50 gp), a white pearl (100 gp), a silk brocade tapestry, depicting a beautiful eladrin maiden gazing into the Feywild (250 gp), a gold cloak clasp set with three pieces of green jade, each carved to represent an oak leaf (350 gp). a small figurine of a rampant lion, carved from coral (400 gp), a bracelet made from small moonstone and onyx gems (500 gp), an anklet made from a golden chain and set with a transparent, deep violet garnet gem (550 gp), a wrought silver and gold comb,with a tiny pearl set at the end of every tooth of the comb (750 gp), a wrought silver and gold chain belt (800 gp), a large silver mirror with a golden frame fashioned to represent a serpent eating its own tail (1,000 gp), a golden ring, fashioned to look like intertwining leaves, set with an emerald gem (1,200 gp), and a red dragon hide satchel (100 gp) containing a sable fur cape (4,500 gp).

No. 6. 3172 sp, 2,083 gp, 20 pp, two Potions of Vitality (each 1,000 gp), a golden pin with a star sapphire set into its head (1,100 gp), a ceremonial breastplate, inlaid with silver and gold leaf and studded with black onyx gems (2,000 gp), and a golden chain necklace set with alternating bloodstones and moonstones (2,500 gp).

No. 7. 41 sp, 46 gp, 27 pp, a silk brocade baldric for sword or hammer, woven in geometric patterns of black and white triangles and concealing several secret pockets (100 gp), a silver and gold chain bracelet (250 gp), two transparent blue aquamarine gemstones (500 gp each), a pair of golden earrings set with two stones: a black pearl, from which a smaller black pearl hangs from a delicate golden chain (600 gp each, or 1,400 gp if sold as a set), a Potion of Vitality (1,000 gp), and a silver armband, engraved with a pattern of autumn leaves and equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism that causes a razor-sharp blade to snap forward and extend past the back of the wearer’s hand; the blade can be used in combat as a dagger (2,000 gp).

No. 8. 30 pp, a gold ring set with an exceptionally large star sapphire (2,500 gp), and a finely crafted, silvered longsword with the phrase, “behold the wrath of the Feywild” rendered in gold leaf along the blade, complimented with a handle wrapped in golden wire and a large fire opal set into the pommel (3,000 gp).

No. 9. 1,929 cp, 1,029 sp, 1,887 gp, and a leather pouch containing two emerald gems (1,000 gp each) and the following additional gems, each valued at 100 gp: two transparent, dark green alexandrite, two transparent purple amethysts, three white jade, one white pearl, and two transparent red spinels (total gem value 3,000 gp).

No. 10. 15 pp and a transparent, olive green peridot gem (500 gp).

The sixth episode of Pimp My Treasure Parcel will be published next Thursday.



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