Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 4: Levels 10 to 12

One aspect of the fourth edition (4e) of the Dungeons & Dragons game that separates it from it predecessors is the formulaic nature of treasure placement. Determining if this aspect is good or bad is a task best left to blogs that debate such things. It is beyond debate, however, to say that the 4e game doesn’t include tables for random determination of specific pieces of treasure, art objects, or gems, favoring instead static lists of generic “treasure parcels” for parties of every experience level. Sadly, the variety of monetary treasure and the realism added to the game by well-described treasures as seen in prior editions are entirely absent.

Therefore, with deference to the producers of Pimp My Ride, the RPG Athenaeum presents its fourth episode of Pimp My Treasure Parcel, where a few more descriptive treasure parcels are presented as possible replacements for those in the 4e Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG).

This week’s episode, Levels 10 to 12, provides new monetary treasure parcels for parties of experience of the indicated levels. Each list presented below begins with parcel No. 5, as the first four parcels listed for every experience level are occupied by magical items in the 4e DMG treasure parcel tables. As there is virtually no difference in value between any parcel listed below and its corresponding parcel in the DMG – parcel No. 7 in the level 10 list below carries the same value as parcel No. 7 for level 10 in the 4e DMG, for example – any parcel listed here may be freely interchanged with those listed in the official rules.

Prior episodes of this feature can be located through the following links:

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Treasures for experience levels 10 to 12 follow. When alternative treasure parcels for levels 1 to 30 have been published, they will be compiled into a .pdf file that will be available for free download on this site.


No. 5. 1,410 sp, 1,259 gp, a large piece of coral, polished smooth and carved to resemble a clamshell (200 gp), a flat, ivory plaque, on which the constellations of the night sky are depicted with tiny azurite stones (250 gp), a set of meditation beads, including 16 turquoise beads and four azurite beads, strung on a golden chain (250 gp), two transparent, purple amthyst gemstones (100 gp each), and a violet garnet gemstone (500 gp).

No. 6. 940 sp, 1006 gp, a golden ring, set with three matching rose pearls (400 gp), a small statuette of a unicorn, rendered in white jade, with eyes, horn and hooves of wrought gold (500 gp), and a yellow topaz gem (500 gp).

No. 7. 466 sp, 404 gp, a golden circlet, set with a transparent, blue-green aquamarine gem in the center, flanked by a moonstone on each side (750 gp) and a pouch with the following gems, each valued at 50 gp: 3 drak gray bloodstones with red flecks, an opaque orange carnelian, two yellow-brown citrines, one colorless, transparent rock crystal, and two star rose quartz gems, each a translucent rose color with a white “star” in the center.

No. 8. 449 sp, 455 gp, a small, but very clear, zircon gemstone (25 gp), an ivory cameo, set in filigreed gold, depicting the face of a human noblewoman (50 gp), a pair of wrought gold earrings, each set with a large amethyst (100 gp each, or 225 gp if sold as a set), a green jade carving, depicting a four-leaf clover (400 gp), and a deep blue spinel gemstone (500 gp).

No. 9. 150 gp, a translucent, apple-green chrysoprase gem (50 gp), a golden belt buckle, carved to represent a ram’s head and set with blue jasper stones for eyes (200 gp), and a baldric, created from braided gold chains and reinforced with red dragon hide, suitable for carrying a longsword (400 gp).

No. 10. 46 gp, and the following gems: a dark green alexandrite (100 gp), a smooth, reddish-brown carnelian (50 gp), two onyx stones, each banded with black and white (50 gp each), an opaque red spinel (100 gp), a transparent rock crystal (50 gp) and a yellow smoky quartz (50 gp).


No. 5. 3161 sp, 2,134 gp, a rosewood coffer with golden fittings, inlaid with golden Celtic knotwork accents (100 gp) containing a white silk brocade tunic, trimmed with mink fur (150 gp); a golden incense burner, carved to resemble an angel in supplication and inlaid with black onyx (200 gp), an olive green peridot gem (500 gp), a wrought gold torque, set with five opaque, yellow-green chrysoberyl gems (600 gp) and a silver ceremonial breatplate set with dozens of turquoise and azurite stones (1,000 gp)

No. 6. 709 sp, 613 gp, a delicate golden chain anklet (50 gp), a pair of silver vambraces, etched with intertwining vine patterns (100 gp each, or 250 gp if sold as a set), a silver ewer, inlaid with gold in a geomteric pattern (350 gp), a beaver fur cloak with hood (400 gp), a black pearl (500 gp) and a wrought silver and gold ring, set with a large aquamarine gemstone (750 gp)

No. 7. 1,832 sp, 1067 gp, a silver idol of a good- or neutrally-aligned campaign deity (50 gp), six pinkish-white buttons, carved from coral in the shape of flower blossoms (100 gp each, or 750 gp if sold as a set) and a wyvern hide pouch, studded with gold (150 gp), containing the following gems, valued at 100 gp each: two transparent amber stones, a transparent, deep green chrysoberyl, three transparent, red-brown garnets, and two transparent blue tourmalines (total gem value 800 gp).

No. 8. 577 sp, 692 gp, a small box of solid copper, engraved with the view of a major campaign city, as seen from an adjacent mountain (175 gp) containing a carved crystal cosmetic jar (25 gp) that holds fine perfume (50 gp); a transparent, pale red tourmaline gem, set into a simple golden pendant (200 gp), a chatalaine composed of braided silver and gold chains, suspended from a belt of white dragon hide inlaid with shards of citrine (500 gp), secured by an embossed silver belt buckle, carved to represent a coiled white dragon with tiny citrine eyes (300 gp); a set of four interconnecting “puzzle rings” made from silver (INT DC 17 to assemble, 10 gp each, 500 gp if sold as a set) and a transparent, golden yellow topaz gem (500 gp).

No. 9. 1,512 cp, 2,741 sp, and 1,711 gp.

No. 10. a transparent, medium blue sapphire gem (1,000 gp).


No. 5. 590 cp, 501 sp, 4644 gp, a red velvet pouch containing five amethyst gemstones (each valued at 100 gp, for a total gem value of 500 gp); a hardwood sword scabbard, completely covered with inlays of obsidian and moonstone depicting a night sky (300 gp), holding a ceremonial longsword, made of solid silver (475 gp); and a parcel wrapped in black dragon hide (the hide alone is worth 25 gp), containing a copy of the holy canon of a good- or neutrally aligned campaign deity; it is penned on vellum, profusely illuminated and bound between covers of beaten silver (1,200 gp).

No. 6. 4117 cp, 1089 sp, 4012 gp, a bolt of sky blue silk (100 gp), a transparent blue tourmaline gem (100 gp), a small keg of rare, perfectly-aged dwarven ale (250 gp), a delicate choker-style golden necklace, with a deep violet garnet set into the center (600 gp) tankard-sized green jade carving, depicting a comely forest spirit (700 gp), and a fine (but non-magical) longsword, the pommel of which is set with a star sapphire gem  (1,100 gp).

No. 7. A golden pendant set with five amethysts surrounding a white pearl (625 gp), two matching wrought gold earrings, each set with a yellow topaz (525 gp each, or 1,200 gp if sold as a set) a black opal gemstone (1,000 gp), and a laquered box made from black walnut wood, sealed with silvered wax and studded with silver (75 gp) containing a woman’s black silk gown with 12 white pearls woven into the neckline (1,500 gp).

No. 8. 1,422 gp, a key fob carved from coral (100 gp), a transparent green chrysoberyl gem (100 gp), a feather carved from crystal (150 gp), a drinking horn set with dozens of blue quartz and black obsidian stones, set in a geometric pattern (350 gp), a peridot gem (500 gp), a deep blue spinel gem (500 gp), two golden boot buckles, each set with three white pearls (350 gp each, or 800 gp if sold as a set) and a transparent green emerald gem (1,000 gp)

No. 9. 469 sp, 453 gp and a ceremonial mace, inlaid with gold, bearing silvered flanges and topped with a fire opal gem (1,500 gp).

No. 10. 641 cp, 706 sp and 923 gp.

The fifth episode of Pimp My Treasure Parcel will be published next Thursday.


6 comments on “Pimp My Treasure Parcel, Episode 4: Levels 10 to 12

  1. Ameron says:

    It’s the little details that provide something extra that I like so much about this series. Take this example from today’s article:

    a set of four interconnecting “puzzle rings” made from silver (INT DC 17 to assemble, 10 gp each, 500 gp if sold as a set)

    This reminds me of the old modules from the 80s where there were these kinds of little details that the PCs may never discover or understand, but it made reading the adventure as a DM that much more interesting.

    Great work on the Pimp My Treasure Parcel series.

    • Alric says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Sir. I hadn’t intended for the rings to have that effect, but now that you mention it, you’ve inspired a different post about writing adventures for publication…

  2. […] Por fim, tem uma série de Pimp My Treasure Parcel, muito bacana. Já estão disponíveis dos níveis 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 e agora de 10-12. […]

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