New site feature: ‘Plug-n-Chug’ downloads

A new feature has been added to the site: Plug-n-Chug downloads. The concept is that many elements of a Dungeons & Dragons game are rather generic – taverns, subterranean cave complexes, castles and even non-player characters, for example, don’t typically vary much from one game to another. Having stock maps and / or keys in advance for such locations, or having convincing backgrounds and statistics for commonly-encountered NPCs, allows the dungeon master to direct more preparation time toward those story elements that require more detailed attention. The less involved areas of the adventure can be “plugged” in, and the dungeon master can “chug” forward with the game.

A new Plug-n-Chug will be added each month. All such downloads are free for personal use, and can be accessed via the Plug-n-Chug link under the “pages” heading in the upper right corner of your screen.

The first download in this series is the Rusty Dwarf Inn, a stock fantasy tavern run by an enterprising halfling named Bandor Berryhill. It is a 12-page pdf file that contains high-resolution maps, a summary of the inn’s history, a complete key, a bill of fare, and personality/background profiles for Bandor and his staff.

Have a suggestion for a Plug-n-Chug that would be especially useful? Use the “Contact Us” page to tell us about it.

As always, thank you for reading.



2 comments on “New site feature: ‘Plug-n-Chug’ downloads

  1. Geekfather says:

    Ok.. that’s an awesome feature. Thanks!

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